Dirty Dancing: In Which A Sexual Predator Grooms His Prey With Shitty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is a weird film for two reasons. The first: Patrick Swayzee's character Johnny is obviously a paedofile. He's a grown man grooming an underage girl for sex (and that girl is called "Baby", no less).  Her parent's are the real heros. I wouldn't want some creepy, sweaty man grinding against my teenage daughter, either. 

"Mmmm, you smell like school."
And the second reason? Girls goddamn love this film. It's worrying. I mean, if I knew anything about women I clearly wouldn't be writing about Dirty Dancing on the internet and crying into a reheated pizza, but even I know that little girls shouldn't be exposed to this sort of weird...well paedo propaganda. "How dare you!" I hear you say. "Johnny's love for Baby is entirely romantic and non sexual!" Well, voice in my head, you may be inerested to know that I recently came across this weird deleted scene from Dirty Dancing where Johnny and Baby do...something

They’re not quite dancing. And they're not quite having sex - because they still have most of their clothing on. But there’s an uncomfortable amount of pelvic thrusting and “Oh” faces.

This goes on for some time.

Look, I’ll be Frank: I could go on torturing myself by taking more screenshots and you could go on looking at those screenshots. But, I think you get the picture - the horrifyingly nauseating picture. So, we’ll stop here.

That’s funny. I didn’t post that picture. If I was a superstitious man I’d almost say that this scene was cursed. Haunted even. Hey, Patrick Swayzee was in that film where he was a ghost, right?

Oh, God. It won’t stop!


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